October 28, 2020

A Very “Sad” Presidency – Trump One Year Later

Nick Blondell. Courtesy of Nick Blondell.

By Nick Blondell ’19

One year.

It’s one year into the Trump Administration, and there is nearly nothing to show for it. One year into a Republican-controlled congress, and the only major result is a destructive tax bill that favors the wealthiest of the wealthy over those who need financial help most.

One year into a presidency touted for bringing Christian values back to the forefront of American life, and instead our government threatens to turn away refugees and DREAMers.

Our government insists on denying the humanity of those who bear God’s image just as much as our Vice President does.

The past year has been a trying one for our nation, and anyone who tries to spin the Donald Trump presidency as successful is either severely misinformed or lying. It is easy to sit far away from the action, immersed in privilege, and say “well, it hasn’t been that bad.”

This is simply false.

It may not be bad for some of us, but I can assure you that it is terrible for others. President Donald Trump has failed his base and his country; he must be held accountable.

When President Trump was elected, his win was fueled by the angry sentiments of the working-class white men and Evangelical Christians. The pledges he made, promises of job growth and lower taxes, excited them.

And yet, since he took office over a year ago, job growth has slowed; our economy has added on average 13,000 less jobs per month since last January.

A Carrier plant in Indianapolis, which President Trump used as a centerpiece in his promise to return jobs to middle America, has continuously laid off workers while the company still plans to move their plants to Mexico.

Instead of answering the populist call that elected him, Trump has instead signed into law a major tax bill (his only major accomplishment) that favors the incredibly rich over those he promised to help.

President Trump has also failed American Christians, even though Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell will do their best to tell you otherwise.

His consistent immoral behavior, underlined recently by his alleged affair with adult film star, Stormy Daniels, has been with a resounding “so what?”, and his treatment of immigrants and refugees has left them metaphorically stripped of their humanity.

It has been confirmed by multiple senators that Trump described Haiti and other countries with such vulgar language that I will not repeat. Additionally, as we continue to hear more about the #MeToo movement, we cannot forget that our President has openly bragged about sexual harassment and assault.

He has failed to deviate from behavior that is antithetical to the values of Christianity; that is, it is nearly impossible to see Christ within his actions, and we as Christians must strive for the opposite effect.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been, to use a word he loves so very much, sad. The only consistent source of character he shows are the 280 found in his awful tweets.

What’s truly unfortunate is that we are in the process of normalizing this truly unpresidential behavior.

I pray that we resist the urge to become complicit in this normalization, and urge you to constantly remind yourself of the civic power you hold. America’s greatness is found in its mosaic-like diversity, not its melting-pot homogeneity; do not shatter the mosaic in an attempt to stir the dangerous pot.

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