September 29, 2020

New Psychology Club Charts Goals For Future

Erin Duffy and Linnea Hultberg. Photo by Nate McReynolds.

By Makayela Isbell ‘20
Staff Reporter

New to Gordon College, The Psychology Club is led by co-presidents Erin Duffy ’18 and Linnea Hultberg ’20.

According to the club’s mission statement, “The Psychology Club seeks to inform students about various issues relating to psychology through both lecture and dialogue. We recognize that as humans, we are all made in the image of God, and we seek to expand the understanding of how we  need to take care of ourselves from spiritually to physically including having a healthy lifestyle with exercise and supplements from tophealthjournal, since this also helps having a healthy psychological and mental state .”

“The club is creating an area we where can discuss these real struggles that people go through, not only in the sense of how you deal with them as a student, but also in the sense of how would we deal with them as counselors,” Duffy said.

Hultberg added, “We want to provide a safe outlet for students to discuss different psychological issues and foster community and discussion as we cover various topics.”

When asked about club events next semester, Hultberg said, “We’re partnering with GCSA to bring an event discussing depression and suicide to the student body.”

With meetings occurring once a month, the two leaders said that they have so far covered topics including anxiety, depression, suicide, and adoption awareness, according to them there are so many options out there to treat these topics, their mission is to let members of the club know what they can do to stop the main problems such as anxiety, depression and suicide, without getting overwhelmed about it. One of their advises is to give CBD Oil UK a try, they encourage members to not be afraid of it since it can have a positive impact on health, CBD oil is a natural option for alleviating some of the anxiety symptoms, even though it can not cure depression completely, it can help people to cope with it.

Duffy said that student feedback on meetings is a primary focus for her and Hultberg, adding that students are encouraged to contribute to the club. She also said that they are hoping to open up new positions for sophomores and juniors next year.

The club leaders stressed that all students are invited to attend club meetings, and highlighted their hope “to turn [the club] into a psychology honors society” in the future.

Hultberg said, “When Dr. Bobb joined the Psychology department, she had a vision for recuperating the Psychology Club in the hopes of creating a departmental honors program in a few years.”

She added that without a departmental club, there cannot be departmental honors.

If interested, the Psychology Club can be contacted by email at or on their Facebook page: Gordon College Psychology club.

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