April 20, 2021

Administration’s Response to “Define: Gordon”

This is one article in a series explaining changes at Gordon College, called Define: Gordon

The following statement was issued by Vice President of Communications Rick Sweeney in reply to this edition:

“Over the last few years, Gordon has experienced several significant and often complex challenges. With each, the College leadership has endeavored to make the best decisions for both the short and longer term well-being of the institution. Many of these were covered in detail by the Tartan as they occurred. We have also attempted to be as transparent as possible with issues that often had personal and legal implications which could not always be shared. I am sure this may leave some student’s questions unanswered as we have sought to move the community forward as constructively as possible. At the same time, there have been many positive developments in student recruitment, campus life, and philanthropic support which will ultimately benefit everyone at Gordon. As both an alumnus and a parent of current students, I can speak personally to the daily dedication the leadership team brings to the task of ensuring Gordon College remains on strong financial footing and is able to focus on delivering on its mission while providing the best student experience possible. This may not always be a perfect process, but it will be sincere and well-intentioned.”

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