January 26, 2020

You don’t know Gordon until you know them: Maggie Risma

Maggie Risma

Risma stars on the court and off it

NAME: Maggie Risma

ROLE: Star athlete

NOTABLE FOR: volleyball

By Tohko Nohara

Maggie Risma ’17 proves that academics are not everything at Gordon College.

She is not only a dedicated Communication Arts major, but also a defensive specialist on Gordon’s Women’s volleyball team. Her athletic talent has been recognized multiple times by Eastern College Athletic Conference and Commonwealth Coast Conference announcing her the Libero of the Week on several occasions.

Volleyball for her is “a family, where I learn the best life lessons, where God fills me with the most joy, and where I experience [him] the most.”

Risma works diligently to improve her game and benefit her team. Because of her dedication, it can be difficult to find an identity out of sports. That is why Risma has focused on investing her time in other ways around campus.

One way in particular Risma has done this is by spending time in the chapel. She can often be found sitting in the pews during worship band practice and taking a second to breathe.

Risma shares a tip of balancing academics and extracurricular activities, she says, “Learn to say no. Figure out what is most important to you, and be willing to say no to the things that aren’t working toward your goals.”

She looks back on her freshman year as “an overwhelming time where everything was

new.” Risma continues to say that, while it was overwhelming, “it was also a time where I made some of my best friends, learned through a lot of mistakes and grew up a ton.”

Keep a look out for Risma and her team as they fight for another shot for the championship title in the CCC. Risma’s most memorable game was when Gordon students packed out Bennet Center in a semi-finals against Endicott. Risma comments,“nothing beats game time in our own gym with fans supporting us.”

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