January 20, 2021

You don’t know Gordon until you know them: Adam Vigneaux


NAME: Adam Vigneaux

ROLE: Student and programming wiz

NOTABLE: Creator of the GoCo student application

By Jessica Ryan

You could say that Adam Vigneaux is the epitome of a young Mark Zuckerberg.

A Computer Science major, this tech-savvy student can be found working for the Center for Technology Services (CTS), Gordon College’s Media Services, monitoring the audio in Chapel and constantly upgrading his app.

Yes, he created an app.

Two, actually.

GoCo Student is the information hub used by a very substantial number, perhaps a majority, of students at Gordon. This app allows students to manage their meal points, student ID number and track chapel credit.

“I was trying to solve a problem for myself while learning new skills. The first version of GoCo Student only had chapel credits,” Vigneaux said. “The next version added meal points. After that, I added a number of other pieces of data.”

His other app, SchedU, assists students and staff at Nashoba Regional High School in New Hampshire.

Not only is Vigneaux an app designer, but he is also a web developer. He is well-versed in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Node.js.

And he also is the Director of Technology for the “student-run” production club Exit 17 Live, where he predominantly focuses on audiovisual. He works with a variety of people involved with the show to ensure that everything is prodution-ready.

Vigneaux says, “I help make sure the show happens, whether that is putting finishing touches on videos, coordinating the rehearsal schedule, helping with sound check, or dealing with last minute requests.”

Vigneaux’s efforts go above and beyond in investing his time and energy into the wellbeing of the college.

How did he become so technologically literate?

“I remember being young and creating collages with Microsoft PowerPoint because that was all I had. From there I got into gaming, then in sixth grade I built my first website.

“In seventh grade I built a custom Tumblr theme; that was my first experience with programming.

“In high school, I decided to pursue a career in software development instead of live production, my main interest at the time,” says Vigneaux.

Many of Vingeaux’s accomplishments are expressed in his lengthy résumé.

He hopes to become a software developer, and studying computer science at Gordon is just one of the ways Vigneaux gets to put his passions to work.

“My main passion is creating things that people use. Software development is one of the most fulfilling ways I have found to satisfy that passion.”


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