June 6, 2020

Tartan Editor-in-Chief Taylor Bradford: Get Ready to do Some Exploring

Gordon College Tartan newspaper 2016-2017 academic year Editor in Chief Taylor Bradford

By Taylor Bradford


Welcome Gordon College Students and Faculty!

I have been thinking a lot about exploration in preparation for the upcoming academic year. This word has been used to describe the feats of many explorers and conquerers throughout history.

Edmund Hillary’s summit of Mount Everest inspired many mountaineers to venture further than they thought possible. Marie Curie’s discovery of radium and polonium would prove to be vital in the development of surgery and X-rays. The explorations in history have shaped the way that humanity views the world and the progression of society.

But what does exploration mean for a publication such as the Tartan?

As a publication, the Tartan explores the lives of students and others at Gordon College. We delve into the latest news, uncover how the past meets the present and the future and venture into the world of journalism with a desire to find truth.

A new school year has begun, and with that, a new Tartan has emerged. We have explored the timeless articles and designs from the Tartan’s past and combined it with new ideas to create a resourceful outlet for campus news.

The Tartan aspires to be a publication that relays campus news truthfully, efficiently and with a sense of urgency.

Over the summer, our staff has been working diligently to get a head start to what we hope to be an excellent year!

To make the Tartan as accessible as possible, we have upgraded our website and will berefining our social media outlets. Our new website will enable us to relay news as quickly as possible.

In addition to a new website, we also have a new office! We have moved from Lane Student Center to Jenks 229. All are welcome to explore during office hours. Expect a friendly greeting and maybe a snack.

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