June 6, 2020

Seniors take Golden Goose by the Neck

Cast and crew of Golden Goose ’16. Photo by Taunya Walther

By Langdon Kessner

Staff writer

April 15 marked the return of Gordon’s biggest comedy competition, Golden Goose.  

Students were nominated by their peers for their comedic personalities. From there, each Goose rehearsed skits and worked on creating individual films. Although it was a close fight between the classes, the Seniors got the last laugh.

This years show was hosted by siblings, Drew ‘16 and Dana Morgan ‘19. Both of them had a lively and engaging presence onstage.  

On hosting, Drew Morgan said, “Golden Goose was something I always hoped I could do and having my sister with me made it one of the highlights of my college experience.”

Cast and crew of Golden Goose ’16. Photo by Taunya Walther
Cast and crew of Golden Goose ’16. Photo by Taunya Walther

Much of their script was created through playing off of their sibling rivalry, Drew said,  “A lot of times, things sound better in my head then they do out loud, and Dana is not afraid to tell me if something I say isn’t funny. So we go back and forth until we both die laughing at something, and when we both are laughing, that’s when we’ve found the right jokes.”

The Freshman Geese consisted of Megan Hammes, Jaden Taylor, and Antonio Varagas.  

Vargas’ video was a parody The Fault In Our Stars and placing it in Gordon College.  However, Vargas gave credit for the idea to Grace Martino.  “After she gave me the idea for a parody of The Fault In Our Stars, I worked with Terry Sterling and Zach Shores to be able to connect with and make it more ‘Gordon-ey’”.

After the audience watched their individual videos, the Freshmen Geese came together to perform their concluding act based off of the  Star Wars films.  With the guns, lightsabers, and even a Chewbacca costume, the freshman went all out for their last act.  According to Varagas, it was “another idea that came from Drew Morgan, one of our dance coaches for the opening and closing acts. After he gave the original idea, Megan Hammes, Jaden Taylor and I sat down to plan further the act. It was actually pretty easy to plan it out, because we took the lyrics of the song and made it into a joke.”

The Sophomore Geese included Caleb Bae, Nathan Burgett, and Alex Monterio.  Bae’s video got the biggest response, which presented him as an overprotective Resident Advisor (RA).  The idea was a group effort of the Sophomore Geese.

On his video, Caleb said, “The process of making the video was a blast, mostly because we knew the general story arc of the video, but we had room to film whatever fun and random encounters we wanted.  At one point, Nate Burgett filmed me as I did a round and did random things with residents.”  Mirielle Nauman, Kate Ferris, and Hannah Woodworth made up the Junior Geese.  In Woodworth’s video, she dressed up as a goose that was having difficulties adjusting to life at college. Woodworth had nothing but positive things to say about her experience, she said, “Running around campus in a goose suit, especially during a busy dinner rush, really threw people off which I thought was super funny!”

The Sophomore’s final act was a Ghostbusters skit with a guest appearance from Chan Yoon ‘18. The initial idea to have Yoon in their skit came from Drew Morgan. They had an abstract sophisticated reason as to why Yoon’s appearance was necessary, “We added Chan Yoon in the mix and it worked because Chan is hilarious!”  

While all the Geese were funny, the Senior Geese, Chris Jones, Haylie Petre and Christina Waller were hilarious. Jones’ video was of the Paranormal Activity type.  “I have no idea where the idea came from, to be honest. I know that in the beginning I was trying to plan something that could look good with cheap videography because I had no idea how I’d be filming, but as the idea developed it stuck.”

A lip-sync battle was their final act for the night. Jones commented,  “It was actually Haylie’s idea to do the “battle” more like an actual battle, like a Mortal Combat sort of thing, and together we came up with the finished product you saw on stage.”

If there’s one thing Jones wishes he could’ve done, it would have “been able to lip-sync longer bits of songs, but I think what we wound up with was a tight and fast-paced performance that we thoroughly enjoyed performing.”

It was a solid show and we look forward to seeing what happens next year.  

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